Services and prices

Design project development
  • Design-design of residential interiors 6000rub/m²
  • Design-design of commercial interiors from 3500rub/m²
  • The deadline is from 4 months
What is included in the Design project

Planning solution

Several options for thoughtful planning solutions with the right viewpoints, logically delimited private and public areas, ergonomic storage systems, real selected furniture.

Project visualization

Photorealistic images of your future interior, which will allow you to accurately convey all the nuances of the concept, so that you can be sure of the result.

Working documentation

A detailed album of drawings and plans for the further work of all contractors of the project.


A complete list of finishing materials, equipment, lighting, furniture for calculating the overall budget of the project and its adaptation.

Author supervision and project management
  • The cost of author’s supervision from 50,000 rubles/month
What is included in the Author’s supervision
  1. Continuous communication with the foreman and contractors of the project.
  2. Visits to the construction site to monitor the work performed.
  3. Maintenance of construction supervision reports.
  4. Carrying out measurements and making changes to the project in connection with the alignment of surfaces and the admissibility of discrepancies during construction.
  5. Visits to salons for the selection of finishing materials and interior items.
  6. Interaction with contractors: verification of commercial proposals, calculation of non-standard elements, invoicing, approval of sketches, finishes, etc.
  7. Control of timely ordering and delivery of materials to the facility.
  8. Selection and purchase of decor.
  9. Photographing the object (by agreement).
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