Services and prices

Development of a design project
  • Design of residential interiors 6000 rub/m²
  • Design of commercial interiors from 4500 rub/m²
  • Lead time from 4 months
What is included in the design project

Planning decision

Several options for planning solutions, thought out in terms of acceptable redevelopment of space, its ergonomics, functionality and visual perception.

Project visualization

Photorealistic images of the future interior, which allow you to convey the design idea with high accuracy,
the proposed finishing materials and real furniture.

Working documentation

A detailed package of drawings and plans, which is an instruction for the implementation of the project by all contractors. Complex knots, joints and connections have a detailed study and comments for performers.


A complete list of finishing materials, equipment, lighting, furniture for calculating the total budget of the project and its adaptation. Necessary expenses for the implementation of the project and links to points of sale.

Construction and finishing works
  • The cost of construction and finishing works from 30.000 rub/m²
Professional construction teams TAUPEHOME

They are carried out by a professional construction team in compliance with the current building regulations and state standards and a guarantee of deadlines under the Contract.
The calculation of the estimate for the performance of work is carried out according to a design project developed by our bureau or a third-party studio.

Author’s supervision and project management
  • The cost of architectural supervision from 50.000 rub/ month
What is included in author’s supervision
  1. Continuous communication with the project foreman and contractors.
  2. Site visits to monitor work in progress.
  3. Maintaining construction supervision reports.
  4. Carrying out measurements and making changes to the project because of the alignment of surfaces and the admissibility of discrepancies during construction.
  5. Visits to salons for the selection of finishing materials and interior items.
  6. Interaction with contractors: verification of commercial offers, calculation of non-standard elements, invoicing, coordination of sketches, finishes, etc.
  7. Monitoring the timely ordering and delivery of materials to the object.
  8. Selection and purchase of decor.
  9. Photographing of the object (by agreement).

Video projects